The K-Pop Board Game

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Live the Life of a
K-Pop Trainee!

Calling all K-Pop Fans! You’ve always been in the audience supporting your favorite idols, and now it’s time for YOU to step up onto the stage.

KPOP: Becoming an Idol is a unique and exciting board game where you get the chance to experience life as a K-Pop Trainee.

Choose One of 10 Unique Trainees

Each Trainee has a unique style that allows you to pick the one that matches your personality.

Learn in Minutes

KPOP: Becoming an Idol is a step-up in quality from traditional family board games, and is still simple to learn and a great choice for Family Game Night.

Fun for Every Fan

The game was designed to be fun for passionate fans of K-Pop and newcomers alike. Parents, friends and spouses would all find this game enjoyable to play.

By Fans for Fans

K-Pop fans have deserved a quality board game for a long time, and who better to make it than designers who are K-Pop Fans ourselves!

Trainee Competitions

Competitions pit Players against each other, comparing their skills in Dance, Vocal or Rap. These are particularly important to win, as they are one of the few ways to acquire the Fan Cards needed to earn an Evaluation Token and face the Judge.

Building The Fanbase

Fans are the heart of K-Pop, and the game reflects this by using Fan Cards as part of winning the game! Fan Cards provide a critical boost to your skills during Evaluation, demonstrating how fans inspire idols to make every performance their best.

Build the Perfect Outfit

You'll have the chance to visit Clothing Stores during your training. Assemble your performance outfit to wow the Judge at Evaluation!

Three Skills

3 of the 4 sections of the board are dedicated to the skills players can improve: Dance, Vocal and Rap. Which skills will you master?